Thank you 2015 World Makerfaire! Food by Print introduced the Chef-E Prototype Mark 2, hurray!

Set against an electric atmosphere of science and progress, the team introduced their latest prototype the Chef-E. This system, an evolution in our conceptual design approach to food 3d printing, promises to revolutionize the approach by society to how we store and prepare delicious snacks and meals at an individual, commercial, and institutional level. We envision developing a kickstarter campaign for the system in the holiday sales season, and we believe this system is ideal for home consumers, bakeries, restaurants, and coffee shops. Over the next few months we will be conducting taste tests being coordinated through our professional bakery in New York, led by our Lead Chef Rudy Merlin, who is building our first blue ribbon menu. We will continue to update our progress with our loyal fans and future customers. Thank you World Makerfaire, it is my favorite holiday of the year.


CEO and Founder James Wolff, Food by Print LLC. All Rights Reserved. 2015.


Kind Regards,


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