New Food 3D Printer in Space Concept Renderings!

Food by print is currently developing a modified food 3d printer for space applications. CEO and co-founder James Wolff is a 3D printing development expert, as the CEO of D-Shape Enterprises (a mega scale 3D printer company), and also the youngest co-founder of Deep Space Industries, an asteroid mining company based at NASA Ames in California. The system is envisioned for long-term space colonization. The company is currently seeking partners in the development of this technology.

We have completed a preliminary design review phase, and we have commissioned concept renderings, and completed our provisional patent due diligence. We are confident as we continue forward in developing a comprehensive business plan for success.

We envision this system as the first commercial food 3D printer for the International Space Station and beyond. We also believe this has tremendous applications for planet Earth, in kitchens across the globe.

Introducing, Chef-E:



LEAD GRAPHICS DESIGNER: Douglas “Shrox” Shrock

Food By Print Space Rendering Two


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