Want to print out your dinner (or lunch, breakfast or a snack)?

What Are We?
Food by Print is a revolutionary 3D printing system where you can print out your meals!

By using a technology similar to our Body by Print (hyperlink when ready) fashion division, once completed, you will be able to actually print edible food.

Where are we at now?
Currently we are in collaboration with PancakeBot. You can print and make your own pancakes without having to cook.  You can purchase packets of delicious high-quality jellies and jams, and a variety of flavors of delicious pancake mixes through us which will print into the pancake (and yes we will offer gluten-free, sugar free and organic options)

How It Works?
You purchase pancake batter (or you can buy flour, water, eggs to make from scratch) and a cartridge of our jelly.  Pour the above into our system and in approximately 5 minutes a pancake filled with your choice of flavor jelly is essentially printed out.  Think of the time saved!

Pancake Filler Options
– Jelly
– Healthy Jellys
– Icing
– Nutella (people LOVE this)

But I Eat Healthy?
No problem!  Some of our team members are obsessed with health food and making sure you get your healthy options.  Of the pancake mixes we will provide we offer organic, whole wheat, gluten free.  Of the jellys we offer local, organic, sugar free organic, and farmers market versions (this will be more detailed once we actually have deals)  Also you can always purchase your own jelly and make you r pancake mix from scratch.  Here is one of our favorite recipes for from scratch pancake mix. (hyperlink – and we can make  fun new recipes often)

Why This Makes My Life Better (and the world better)?
– You save a TON of time both in cooking and cleaning
– Its really cool to watch.
And it makes the world better because…
–  major reduction of carbon usage which happens when you normally cook
– saves  water in terms of cleanup
(and check out below all the benefits of our long term plans!)

So Where Is This Going Next?
We are in the process of developing a 3D print machine where you can print out food – fruit, vegetables, bread. (details to come)

And How Will Future Food by Print Benefit Me?
–  You will save a ton of time grocery shopping
–  You will save a ton of time by not cooking
–  Your social life will be  better because people will want to
come over and eat at your  house
– and you will be helping save the world because of all the amazing things this
product can solve – check it out!

Why This Will Totally Make The World Better!
– Helping solve world hunger – fresh food can be delivered to regions with limited food supply
– Since this is a self sustaining system areas where food is very limited and people are dying of starvation can be served
– the amount of electricity and resources normally used in food packaging and preparation (ie microwaves, large refrigerators, masses if dishes to wash, disposable cups and dishes) will all be massively reduced
– The system can even print a thin bio-degradable bladder for water and water storage. In the future, this company envisions a modified system that will also replace traditional kitchen sinks

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