James Wolff Chief Executive Officer

A successful entrepreneur, James Wolff has been involved with many startups which are pushing the boundaries of technology forward. James is the C.E.O. of D-Shape Enterprises, a global company producing the world’s largest concrete 3D printer systems for construction, infrastructure, and defense applications. James is also the C.E.O. of Body By Print Holdings L.L.C., developing a 3D printing system using 3D printing sustainable fabrics for the retail, commercial, institutional, and military sectors, promising to make obsolete traditional laundry paradigms. James is also the co-founder of Deep Space Industries, which is developing advanced cubesat technology to produce Bit-coin nodes in orbit to beam down the block-chain across the globe without necessitating existing internet service, and is developing advanced 3D printer technologies for space colonization and asteroid mining.


Maurice Bey Co-Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, CTO and CO-Founder of Asgar Technologies Unlimited LLC, he has over 26 years experience as an inventor who specialized in device modification in electrical engineering projects, and the application of alternative therapies in nutrition research in 1986 with the use of Homeopathic treatments as alternative therapy for physical aliments in the general population. Later on, he directed his research toward the possible use of natural elements in nature to address certain physical challenges. Much of his undertaken research in this area deals with the use of “Ozone Therapy” for inter-organ tissue repair, and treatment of medical aliments. Within the last 10 years, Mr. Bey developing technologies in the neurological-based sound transmission (Dream Genie (TM), a device which allows sound to be processed directly by the cerebral cortex, without the function of the ears), and cellular regeneration therapy using transducers encased in an exercise vest. He has affiliations with a number of non-profit entities in the public health sector: The Tesla Society,  American Naturopathic Association, Public Works Association PWA, The International Ozone Association, Consumer Advisorys Board for Mount Sinai Hospital CAB, NYU CAB, and GMHC CAB, and The I.B.O.A, Mr. Bey hold a B.A. from American University of Puerto Rico, and three Honorary Doctorates in Divinity, Metaphysics, and Religion.


Sean Auriti Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sean Auriti has skills in web development, engineering and team management. He graduated from NYIT with a BS Electronic Engineering Technology and has since worked as a programmer at several web development firms in NYC and most recently as the CTO for Trusted Insight which he brought from zero income to $15,000/month in subscription sales. Has won over 11 hackathons including NYC Bigapps and the BSR sustainability app. Auriti has also founded and managed and built infrastructure for Alpha One Labs makerspace at which he has built prototypes for an LCD hat, Laser scrolling sign, 3D POV display, Smart Recycle Bin, and Robotic Food Exchange. He was on the front page of the New York Times for a DARPA funded space group.


Michelle Kennedy Cadieux, MBA   Business Development

Michelle has been involved in many projects in international business from UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Agriculture follow up, product development, patents, sourcing parts, safety, and environmental exports.  She enjoys hackathons, DIY, and makerspaces, and has written award winning business plans. She has had Italian restaurants in Rome and Vashon Island, WA and catered for a congressman and an art school graduation. She was VP of a tech project that got 500 articles in the press in one year.

Douglas Shrock       Lead Graphic Designer





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