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Food By Print NewSpace Presentation 10-21-2015

The company is currently working on the development of the second machine prototype in the course of summer 2015, we have begun the development of software and the first extrusion tests of feedstock materials. The main development addressed by this system is the modified cold and hot extrusion ink-jet sleeves, a proprietary and non-obvious innovation in the automated food preparation industry.

This technology, is theoretically readily scalable for an initial production run of 300 machines representing our first 2016 series sales. The major obstacles solved are food refrigeration, preparation, cooking, hardware cleaning, and reliability. This technology represents a potential paradigm shift for locally sourced and sustainable food preparation and cooking systems. The limited production run for Q1 2016 will serve other future customers as subsequent designs and innovations will be at a lower cost as the company strives to balance innovation and affordability for these high-end luxury machines.

The company is co-developing a modified Micro-Gravity capable food 3D printers designed to the requirements of the International Space Station and next-generation NASA and private commercial space architecture. The company is currently seeking a Seed A financing campaign for initial capital formation, and believes it can deliver a flight certified ISS subsystem within two years of execution.

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